27 February 2012


So today in English class, as usual sir Suhaimee would tell us a story about his experience. i enjoy listening to his stories. to think of it, i do enjoy listening to old(er) peoples' stories. they experienced something different and lain dari yang lain ya know. that situation they got themselves into selalunya fascinating, for me la. sir is a chatterbox. he talks non stop and he usually does not give us a chance to talk. so we had no choice but to listen to him. sebenaqnya, time BI la I want to practice my speaking, instead we had to give all ears on him. good thing his stories are funny, so that'll make up for it.

Sir always gives us advice. a fatherly advice. just now he said that we shouldn't be thinking of having a relationship in matrix sebab most of em tak berkekalan. but then he rephrase what he had already told, he said he would never say jangan buat because we should know by now how to take care of ourselves.

he told us a story about his son and his son's girlfriend. he told us how his son's girlfriend gave him cupcakes at the college to how they end up not together. since he is also a felo here, cerita cerita kat KMK ni semua dia pakat cerita kat kami. for example there was this one time, a football captain was caught stealing cellphones and money kot just to call his girlfriend and untuk menampung dating dia dengan girlfriend dia. kadang kadang sejam berlalu macam tu je, dok dengar dia dok story telling.

Sir jugak mempunyai citarasa tie yang sangat unggul la bagi aku. bukan apa, the tie that he wore jenis yang dah tak jumpa dekat orang lain. HAHAHAHA

oh ya harini birthday dia, tu yang aku buat entry ni :) selamat hari tua sir!

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