25 April 2010

Membaca jambatan ilmu

My ultimate resolution when coming back from school is to buy a book. It all started when KD gave Fylar a Malay novel titled ‘Anugerah Cinta’ for her to borrow. Then it hit me, “Boy, I haven’t read a single book this year!” I wondered how am I going to improve my essay writing skills when I’m not even wrote nor read anything in English. Damn. I hope it’s not too late.

Today, I went to MPH Alamanda to grab a more-than-hundred-pages-book for me to read. So there I was, sitting, squatting and bending my vertebrae off in search of a nice book to read. The first book that caught my attention is ‘The Lightning Thief’. It is placed on top of the book shelf above Twilight. “I knew this story!” I shouted inside my head. It’s the movie! And it said there that the book is the New York Times #1 best-selling series. I grabbed it and took a peek inside the book. I think the book is okay since I don’t know how to judge the story besides judging its cover (by the way, the cover is appealing :D). Paid RM27.90 for the book, and went off to buy shoes (I mean heals) for mom.

Other books that caught my attention is Melissa Marr's, 'Wicked Lovely'. The story is about a normal teenage girl who can see, speak and listen to invisible fairies. Nightlight: A Parody is actually mimicking Twilight. People sure have a lot of time to write a book about Belle Goose and Edwart Mullen. Nightlight is kinda funny, and I would love to have it as a collection, but i think that it's a waste of money. Nah.

So for all the people out there, grab a book and read. Don’t be a lazy bum. Spm is just around the bush and will attack us horrendously if we did not prepare.