31 March 2014

The End of DMS

Haishh tajuk tak boleh boring lagi ke? aku pon sebenarnya takde idea nak tulis pasal apa. esok dah nak exam crp, takkan nak suruh aku cerita pasal exam lagi kut. bosan. lagipun aku macam tak berapa yakin sangat laa dengan exam kali ni. usaha aku macam tak 100% je, macam mana Allah nak tolong kalau cenggini. huu. takpe, hari ni still boleh berusaha! chaiyok najwa.

Honestly, I don't like studying DMS. I don't know why. it just doesn't interest me at all hence I keep forgetting what I had already studied. I read the same page again and again, but it is so hard for me to memorize it.

Aku rasa kena ikhlas kan hati lah. ikhlaskan hati mohon kemaafan leburlah dosa di tapak tangan lupakan segala silap dan salah. sudaaah

Well DMS nearly ended and my last tutor was on last friday. I will definitely miss my tutor even though we fought and argue like a lot. I remembered being so stressed in the tutor because we always argue and people doesn't seem like they want to give up. but then, we gradually became nicer, more patient and more understanding towards one another. i can even became quirky and silly without being embarrassed.

Recently, I felt something. a bit unease. something is bothering me, and that something is actually a someone. i don't know how to solve this problem and i don't know whom to share this problem with. i think it is better for me to keep it for myself as i am afraid that this will lead to badmouthing the person. hmm.

Okaylah, aku perlu tidur sekarang. bye kome sume. entri lately ni aku banyak speaking kan. yeah, i noticed it too. awat tah otak aku berfikir dalam bi. mungkin aku nak bertutur dalam bi, tapi macam takde motif je, tu yang terzahir dekat entri tu. poyo

merdeka raya ritu

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