24 August 2011

My Girl

As you guys might know, I am a huge fan of Korean dramas. Not to a tahap of obsessing and watching it over and over and over and over. Just a normal fan *tehee

I am currently re-watching My Girl because I don't know what else to watch ah this holiday. At first I came across a cute (kot) drama called Heartstrings but then I stopped, mainly because I hate Yong Hwa. Haha. yeah. And then I decided to watch Secret Garden again, but after episode 2 I stop watching it because I just feel so sad. The OSTs reminded me of England. I used to watch it in Iffah's and Ina's room when they're at school and college. I missed the ambiance. Before i get all emotional, I stopped myself from watching it. And then I remembered this commercial on tv3 promoting tonton.com new channel i guess? Apparently, tonton just put up a few korean dramas. I looked up and saw My Girl. The last time i watched it was with kakak about 5 years ago.

5 years ago, I can't really relate to Yoo Rin's feelings because I am too young to understand about all the love dramas and the situations she got into. But after watching 8 episodes now, I feel kinda sad. She loves Gong Chan but Gong Chan doesn't love her. He doesn't even know her feelings. Now that's utterly depressing. She kept on acting and lying. As if she can always be by his side as a friend. Or as his little sister. I can't imagine how she can bertahan living like this. Good thing Gong Chan then fall for her, unless i don't know la. Living with someone you love, under the same roof, seeing his face every single day but can't really express your feelings. ugh. goooooooooooooood thing Gong Chan eventually fall in love with her.

ps : I don't know why I wanted to blog about this


z a z a said...

ye ke normal fan? ha ha ha ha.. cm x caye je nya ni...

Stazel // Fieq said...

mesti la. macam kamu tak knai kte plak. hahahaha