07 December 2014

My Goals for this year and next year perhaps

Being 21 this year, I have an urge to try something new. something extreme, but safe. So, one day I had a conversation with echa over a morning walk and we talked about what I would like to achieve this year. haha notice the I? I dont know since when I started to love talking about myself instead of listening to others. I used to be good listener and a good adviser. but know i seem to prefer talking about me. hmmm.. why eh..

I told echa that I want to do something extreme and new. and she seemed to agree with me. she also wanted to try something new.

So, here goes my lists

1. snorkeling
2. water sports at the beach
3. water rafting
4. marathon
5. hiking
6. rock climbing
7. hmm tu je kut

I have tried:

1. cave tubing
2. river tracking
3. flying fox
4. river diving
5. tu je.. huuu

In shaa Allah boleh buat semua ni! chaiyok2!

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