21 May 2012


I have never been to a concert before. except for this one time when me and ma dad and kakak went to a raihan concert. that was in the 90s and I barely remember it now. Apa yang aku ingat pasal concert tu kan, is when one of the group members ask all the kids to go up on the stage and name at least one prophet. My sister wanted to go but I don't want to sebab masa tu mana aku tau nama nabi nabi. hahahahaha.

Tu je laa satu satunya concert yang aku pernah pergi. Tapi bila aku form 2, aku dah nyaris nyaris dah nak pi concert! citenye camni, when I was in form 2, I had this sudden kpop illness. I was a devoted FT Island fan. I had all their songs in my folder and videos and pictures! My favourite member would be Jonghun and i remember having a huge crush on him. like seriously man, I would get so freaking mad if another girl (from the comments in youtube) say that Jonghun is her favourite too. kalau aku tak puas hati macam mana sekali pun, bukan lah sampai tahap di mana aku hantar surat berbaur ugutan camtu. cuma benci di dalam hati. kahkahkah budak budak.

So when I first heard about BigBang's world tour, my first reaction was, "haih, they will never come here lah. i can guarantee". but then they just shocked me with a news that destination to Malaysia, CONFIRMED!  finally. how come they went to Singapore but never ever jejak kaki at Malaysia? it is not that far. you neglected us! but all things aside, WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS *for you to hug. hahahaha

I hope that my sister will be kindly enough to pay for my concert ticket. after all, I am her guardian. she should! so now, what's left is to find out the exact date when they will be having their concert.



form 2. mp4. majalah. poster ft island. hahahha!

Stazel // Fieq said...

agak ah weh!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA
sampai terpecah mp4, gile ganaih kte brebut kerusi waktu tu. sampai skang rahsia masih tidak terbongkar.