15 November 2009

shopping starts right now!

So, i woke up at 6:5o in the morning, switch on my laptop and had been lurking around on fashion site since then.
i decided to start on my wishlist,, no weird intentions okay(:

my top 5 must-get-this-or-I'll-die d:

bags; like this one or canvas

long cardigan; either grey or black

heels; this is just uberly cute!

necklace; antiques are back in. i think

uh,uh! and some treats for my phone

i will try my hardest to achieve my goals. helps are always welcomed!:))


supergirl nasik kandark said...

huih, kok nendy skarang udah pndai melayari web2 fashiiiioon?(ayt kling kling kling + indon, HAHA)

ngapain nendy crik ceron?
ade ape?
penasaran bngat sihhh!

Bakal translator said...
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